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Every time I see them, or put on an older record, or even a new record, they still seem like the best band around today. What they do is just amazing. What he can do. Especially seeing Flea with him is really cool.

The Love Story Behind The Band Grouplove

To see them on stage. So this tour that you guys are doing right now…why would you say it is important for you guys to do this? Coming and meeting them and supporting such an awesome cause at such an important time. It just feels good to not just be playing another rock show without any real cause behind it. To get up there and use our music and people who know it as a platform for bringing another message, which is the environment, is really awesome. Definitely to not compare yourselves to anyone else. Be honest and original. Work your ass off as well, doing it.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened at a show that has really stuck with you?

One like our normal electric-heavy show, and the next night was a stripped down acoustic show. When we were in Philidelphia, playing the acoustic show, we were at more of a rock club and the crowd was responding like we were the loudest band in the world. They were just going so crazy, which was amazing. There was so much craziness in the room that when we came off, then did our encore, then went offstage again, the music came on in the club, just like at any other show. You guys recorded a great song with Manchester Orchestra.

That would be a dream come true. Alt-J would be very fun to do something with. I really like those guys a lot. All our songs are varying in genre. Maybe a song like Sit Still , which is off the new record. Our music is all over the map, so I pick those three. One of my favorite moments of the set is during that song because people get so into it. How do you choose what songs to cover? The Beach Boys was for Spotify. We chose 5 songs and the fans voted.

We were surprised because we had Taylor Swift in there! Little Richard; what a voice, what a voice. Listen to his soul stuff…..

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Bunch of kids, from age of five and six, right through my teenage years. We morphed into Mods. Brian Carroll an expert now in mastering, is the same age as my eldest sister, and four years older than me. Sue Records and what have you. That sparked me up into the kind of stuff I liked. He was on the Somme in the horse artillery. Both men were an influence on Steve and his outlook on life.

Even when Steve was doing well with his music career, his beloved old Dad would ask him: Of course, my Mum used to go to the Co-op all the time. Steve and I both laugh loudly at that thought. She was funny, my Mum….. Steve helped organise it, as well as performing. It turned into a once a year thing, which then became an annual Small Faces convention.

Steve feels he has done his bit now to tip his hat to his late hero, and will not take part in any more tribute concerts. His priority is to get to his hotel room and to bed, as fast as he can and get some kip, to avoid his voice suffering the next day. In Steve had a major life-changing accident on the docks at Shoreham, after quitting the music business. But in a cruel twist of fate, he had given his notice in a few days before, to go back out on the road doing gigs.

Both his feet were crushed and he spent eight years learning to walk again, many painful operations, lots of rehabilitation and therapy, unable to get back on stage and on the road. As he slowly recovered, eventually he took up karate for 10 years and became a proficient exponent.

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But as a result, both his knees need replacing. He had six operations on one, is in constant pain and will have that replaced after the three month tour he embarks on at the end of this year. What advice would year-old Steve give to young Steve back in the day? Oh, and listen to good advice from people. Top bloke he was…. Weller said to me the other week, he went to a book launch or film premiere, somewhere in London, and two people who shall remain nameless, global superstars who Paul knows, are there.

Weller says to them;, this is what happens when you keep going until you fall of your perch. If you are in the music business, get a hobby. They are real ones; Samurai swords. I have a whole library on the history of it. It takes my mind off of everything else, and it is putting something back into how it was.

He has not touched a drop of booze since He quit the drink when he found out his good mate Keith Moon had died after a life of excess all areas. He has not had a drink in 39 years, and says he never thinks about it. I cried my fucking eyes out when he died.

You got to understand, it really messed my mind up when he died. That was the saddest thing.

Love Affair’s Steve Ellis: I Could Have Been Manager At The Co-op - Music Republic Magazine

I walked into the record company — I was on Ariola at the time — I was really happy, and I saw a kid who used to work there, who I got matey with. He said, have you heard the news? I promise you, honestly it was like someone just punched me in the face. I said no, no, no. He said, yeah, he is dead. I lived next door to Roger Daltrey for two years and used to go to his gigs with him. That was a real heartbreaker.

You cannot go out like that mate. In those days, Steve would drink almost as much booze as his mate Keith Moon when he was with him, but was always conscious of the damage it could do to his body too. I love this quote: He goes on to tell me about a recent incident where he got wound up about what he heard and saw on the TV, while tuning in to see the chart show, to check who was doing what, ahead of the release of his new album. He was not impressed.

Er, I think you mean British pop queen Dua Lipa! Another nursery rhyme, but a different set of clothes. That did it, we both crack up laughing.